7 Travel Tips for Heading Overseas
Traveling Abroad

7 Travel Tips for Heading Overseas

So, your overseas trip is approaching. That`s really great. New emotions, impressions, ideas, friends, and acquaintances, are waiting for you. Farewell to your mundane and humdrum office life… for one or even two weeks! But in spite of all exciting expectations, you should not lose your head and forget about some important things.


They are to be checked, and checked thoroughly. Your passport, driving license, and credit card, are to be put in your purse or wallet in advance, and their photocopies are to be placed in another reliable place, because abroad everything is possible. Purse snatching and pick pocketing flourish in a lot of countries. Even giant bodyguards could not protect your personal property from brisk and swift street hustlers. What will your hulk friend do against a dozen of 10 year old girls pulling your things in different directions on some jam packed foreign square? Personally, I don`t know.  Here is exactly what you need.

Cross cultural information

Though we live in a global village world, a lot of countries still preserve significant distinction and diversity. If you don`t want to stick out among locals with your Hollywood smile, or unusual for them clothes, it is better to surf the net in order to get more information about local customs, traditions, habits, cloths and so on. A wealthy foreigner is a frequent target of various law disrespecting individuals abroad.

Health insurance

It goes without saying. Everything could happen abroad, and your precious health should be reliably protected. You should not forget to take your claim form and your insurance identity card. It is important as your travel documents, and you are to remember it.

Tourist forums

Making friends with the reviews of those who have already followed your travelling route could help you a lot. In some countries taking photo is prohibited or limited in a number of places. If you find out that some of your compatriots went to this country for one week, but stayed in prison for 9 months, it will alert you a bit, and you will think twice either to take your camera or not, while going there.

Transportation info

In is important too, hustlers live everywhere. In some Eastern European countries, taxi drivers will ask you so huge sums for your trip from airport to a hotel that it will be more expensive that your airplane fees. But if you know the prices and the alternative variants you could send these guys far and faraway.

Local currency

It is better to get it before going abroad, the foreign rate will be considerably higher.


For you the foreign cuisine could turn into some kind of que-que-sine. Before finding the appropriate restaurant, you`d better use your own food.

So, don`t forget. New emotions, impressions, ideas, friends, and acquaintances, are waiting for you!

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5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget
Budget Travel

5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Are you an avid traveler? Or someone who is just looking to get out of town for a while? While traveling is fun and can be a good cultural experience, the costs associated with it are often daunting. Seeing the world should not mean having to break the bank. Below are 5 tips for traveling on a budget, allowing you to enjoy your getaway without the daily stress of having to worry about your finances.

1.) Travel Out-of-Season

Traveling out-of-season can save you a lot of money. Because the travel industry will purposely increase their rates during the busy times of the year, it is best to avoid these windows. What are the peak travel times? They can vary depending on where you are headed, but typically included are breaks during the spring and summer as well as major holidays. If you can avoid these peak times of year, flights and accommodations will be much less expensive.

2.) Search for the Best Airfare

If you are travelling by plane, there are a few things you can do to minimize ticket prices. First, since most vacationers travel on Friday and return on Sunday, aim for a flight that departs and returns on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Also, plan on leaving either very early or very late to avoid the busy hours. When looking to book a ticket, shop 1-3 months before your intended departure for the cheapest domestic flights, and 2-6 months for the cheapest international flights. Also, you can always set an online airfare alert and let the deals come to you. Bottom line…make sure you shop around and compare prices across airlines.

3.) Try Different Accommodations

Instead of staying in a hotel, and if you don’t mind staying with other fellow travelers, look at available hostels in your area. For a very low price, you can share a general living space with fellow travelers (And who knows, you might make some good friends this way!). Some hostels also offer inexpensive single or double rooms. If you’re uncomfortable staying in a hostel, look for rentals in the area. AirBnB and Craigslist offer single rooms for much lower rates than you’ll find at a hotel.

4.) Look for Cheaper Cities and Airports Near Your Destination

Depending on where you are flying, you can often find less expensive airports to fly into in the surrounding area. Then, instead of renting a car, look for public transportation options to get where you’re going. If your destination is Paris, look at flights to Spain, Belgium, or other cities in France to see if there is a difference in price. Not only might this save you some money, but it also can add a fun and exciting aspect to your trip that you never would have considered.

5.) Little Ways to Save

While traveling, there are a lot of little things you can do to save money. Here are some general ideas:

  • Avoid checking luggage (Especially when travelling domestically. Some international flights will allow you one free checked bag).
  • Skip purchasing souvenirs, and take photos instead to give to family and friends.
  • Instead of dining out, buy local groceries and cook meals.
  • Look for free activities to do in surrounding areas.
  • Search for tour discounts and other discounted activities online before you travel.

Needless to say, the most important thing you can do when travelling on a budget is to plan ahead. If you’re doing everything last minute, expect costs to be higher. By planning ahead, you can certainly manage an inexpensive, yet fun getaway. Start arranging your adventure now!

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